Mars Gaming MT0 thermal paste

700 DA

Technical specifications –

Heat transfer capacity
10% silicone, 45% carbon, 45% metal oxide
Operating temperature
-30 280ºC

MT0 thermal paste

Compact but powerful, with the MT0 thermal paste you will not waste product. It supports up to 280C of temperature to offer you security in the most powerful computers.

Compact size

For occasional uses, the compact size of the MT0 is ideal for not wasting product. With 1 gram of thermal paste, set up your computer and enjoy your games without worries.

High temperatures support

The MT0 thermal paste is a high-performance heat dissipation paste that maintains a stable temperature under any load thanks to its 6W thermal conductivity. With a temperature support of up to 280ºC, the MT0 supports the highest temperatures.

Easy to apply

The MT0 guarantees a perfect filling between the CPU cooler and the processor, thanks to its applicator and its lower viscosity, which facilitates its distribution. The low evaporation and support of extreme temperatures of the MT0 make this thermal paste last longer.

Maximum security

The nanotechnological material with which the MT0 paste is made is not conducive to electricity, so safety is maximum.