Mars Gaming MMIC gaming microphone

2000 DA

Technical specifications –

Frequency range
20Hz – 16KHz
ABS + steel
Cable length
RGB Flow
Windows, Mac, PS4, PS5
120x55x140mm / Flexible arm 275mm

MMIC gaming microphone

The Mars Gaming MMIC combines the advantages of omnidirectional PRO microphones with an RGB Flow system that enhances the look of your setup in the best possible way: Plug & Play design, flexible and adaptable arm, Mute button and a perfect structure to capture your voice from the desktop without any headset. Discover the best way to stream your online games easily with a professional quality.

A new way to play online

Thanks to a modern design with RGB LED lighting and a fully adaptable structure, the MMIC is the perfect tool for streamers, youtuber or pro-players. Connect it and start streaming without the need for headphones with microphone: just plug it and enjoy!

Available in 2 versions

Choose now your MMIC with black or white design.

The best gaming aesthetics

Forget about dark and dull microphones: the Mars Gaming MMIC is equipped with a special RGB Flow system covering its base, generating a constant color flow over your desk that will completely change the look of your setup from the momento you turn the mic on.

USB Plug & Play

The MMIC does not require software or installations of any kind. Simply connect your USB to the computer and enjoy the best multiplayer games with friends. Easy and comfortable, this microphone has been designed to start in the world of streaming, whether playing live, playing with friends or casting the best gameplay sessions.

Flexible and adaptable

The MMIC is designed with a solid ABS base and a fully moldable aluminium flexible arm to suit the user. Place the mic wherever you want and keep it close to be ready to play without worries.

Absolute control

The MMIC’s special button allows you to mute the microphone at any time and turn the lighting off, for those times when you prefer a minimalist, off setup. Control the performance and appearance of your MMIC at all times in the most comfortable and fastest way.